How live events are conceived, procured and produced to create the greatest value and impact.

By Will Glendinning


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The first of the resources to accompany The Facts Of Live – the live cycle brings together all the strategies, tactics, tools and insights into one place, illustrating what you need at each point of a live event, exhibition or pavilion’s lifecycle.

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The choices made at the tipping point of your live event: the seconds or minutes after an idea gains traction can have huge implications for your live event, exhibition or pavilion. This quick reference guide summarises the most important choices.

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For a live event to be as valuable and successful as possible and create the most impact, it requires the right team structure and balance of relevant content and contextual experience. This resource summarises those requirements and provides numerous team structure examples for you to use.

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Whilst common procurement practices are ineffective in the unique environment live events exist within, this procurement toolkit equips you with proven tools to find or procure any goods, services, talent or turnkey solutions for any live event, exhibition or pavilion regardless of its type, scale or purpose.

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Art is just art, sport just sport, a message just a message, products just products and music mere music – until you add an audience. Then you’re in the business of theatre – also known as live events.

The Facts Of Live distils over twenty years’ experience with almost every type of live event. Whether you’re in the sport, entertainment, arts, marketing, communication, government or the not-for-profit business, creating the most value and impact with a live event, pavilion or exhibition starts at the beginning – with its genesis, the foundations that underpin it, and key principles: The Facts Of Live.

  • If you’re looking to procure or outsource events or exhibitions, start by reading The Facts Of Live.
  • If you’re are looking to build or improve your in-house team or organising committee start by reading The Facts Of Live.
  • If you’re an agency looking to improve how you produce events or exhibitions start by reading The Facts Of Live.


Will Glendinning, the author of The Facts Of Live, is an executive producer, director, designer and consultant. He is also a speaker and regularly features in print, on TV and radio. He has worked for, run and built his own multimillion pound companies and has had his work praised in Parliament.

Will has been responsible for some of the most ambitious live events, exhibitions, pavilions, marketing campaigns and entertainment around the world in recent history. He’s helped brands such as Coke, Samsung and UEFA, along with the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Tour de France. He’s worked with world leaders, produced military ceremonies and cultural festivals, and he’s supported the design and development of permanent live event spaces and venues.

Will loves a challenge and makes things happen, regardless of the obstacles which have included making overambitious creative ideas a reality, overcoming political hurdles and restrictive budgets, battled Mother Nature and had to deal with terrorist threats.

When he’s not dealing with live events, Will’s challenges take on an even more adventurous form, from jumping out of helicopters with his snowboard to making history freediving in the coldest and most brutal places on earth. Be it adventures or events, though, Will enjoys finding or creating powerful experiences in the real world, live.

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